Wolters Kluwer Introduces GenAI Feature in CCH® AnswerConnect Platform

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting (TAA), a global leader in professional information, software solutions, and services, has unveiled AI-powered upgrades to its flagship tax, accounting, and audit research tool, CCH® AnswerConnect. The integration of GenAI within the comprehensive research platform enhances the natural language Q&A function, enriching the search experience and empowering accounting professionals to deliver enhanced value to their clients.

Dean Sonderegger, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Canada and Research & Learning of Wolters Kluwer TAA North America, emphasized the company’s commitment to meeting client needs with cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency and workflow, ultimately fostering business growth.

The enhanced GenAI search functionality enables natural language queries, drawing from trusted Wolters Kluwer content sources to assist customers in understanding recent tax law changes, preparing tax returns, and identifying tax planning opportunities. By cross-referencing the Internal Revenue Code, income tax regulations, and administrative guidance, the solution provides timely intelligence. The user-friendly format of the natural language responses facilitates quick comprehension and minimizes time spent analyzing complex tax codes.

Sonderegger highlighted the focus on empowering tax and accounting professionals with firm intelligence to make informed decisions on intricate issues. The introduction of GenAI technology complements Wolters Kluwer’s high-quality, continuously updated proprietary content, enhancing customer benefits.

In addition to GenAI, CCH® AnswerConnect has introduced “AI Labs,” enabling clients to preview beta versions of upcoming AI features. This invitation-only program for existing clients fosters direct feedback and collaboration in shaping the next generation of AI-enabled products and solutions.

Small firms stand to gain from the GenAI update through the introduction of the “Ask a Question” feature within CCH® AnswerConnect U.S. Master Tax Guide® Plus. This feature allows customers to query the platform directly, streamlining access to information within the digitized guide.

To explore the capabilities of CCH® AnswerConnect further, visit: CCH® AnswerConnect.

Wolters Kluwer TAA empowers tax and accounting professionals and businesses of all sizes to enhance productivity, navigate change, and achieve better outcomes.

For more information on the latest advancements in AI, visit Wolters Kluwer’s corporate AI page or the TAA AI Hub page.

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