Leading Legal Firm Elevates Client Service with Angela Angelovska-Wilson as Managing Partner

DLx Law PLLC, a premier law firm specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, has entered a new phase with Angela Angelovska-Wilson assuming the role of Managing Partner. As part of this transition, Lewis Rinaudo Cohen and Greg Strong have departed from the firm.

In the words of Angelovska-Wilson, “With today’s news, I am delighted to share that DLx Law’s attorneys remain dedicated partners to a wide spectrum of early-stage startups and industry leaders. We eagerly anticipate expanding our services to further enhance value for our clients.”

DLx Law extends its best wishes to Lewis and Greg as they embark on their future endeavors, while reaffirming its commitment to supporting their success. This development signifies a new chapter for DLx Law, poised to advance its high-tech focused practice and uphold the standard of excellence cherished by its clientele.

“DLx Law’s attorneys continue to serve as trusted partners to early-stage startups and industry leaders,” remarked Angelovska-Wilson. “We are excited to broaden our offerings to better serve our clients.”

Under Angelovska-Wilson’s stewardship, DLx Law reaffirms its position as a trailblazer at the intersection of law, technology, and financial services. Leveraging its wealth of resources and expertise, the firm remains dedicated to providing comprehensive counsel across various legal and policy domains, including securities regulation.

“Andrea Mitchell, Managing Partner of Mitchell Sandler PLLC, attests to Angela’s expertise: ‘As managing partner of a financial services law firm, DLx Law is my top destination when our firm needs practical advice in cryptocurrency and blockchain law.'”

DLx Law remains committed to serving its existing clients while welcoming new ones. Its attorneys and staff continue to be recognized authorities in U.S. legal and regulatory matters pertinent to business, banking, financial services, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and high-tech industries. Stay tuned for forthcoming announcements regarding additional enhancements and features aimed at assisting clients and contributing to ongoing discussions on digital assets, emerging technologies, and regulation.

Angela Angelovska-Wilson, a former BigLaw partner turned financial technology entrepreneur and esteemed legal advisor, is lauded by Chambers and Partners as “an expert in blockchain technology.” With her extensive experience in digital finance and distributed ledger technology, she is a leading authority on the evolving global legal and regulatory landscape surrounding crypto, blockchain, and high-tech industries. In addition to co-founding DLx Law, Angelovska-Wilson has been an integral member of the founding teams of two financial technology startups, Digital Asset and Sila.

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