Payden & Rygel Launches Digital Ad Campaign for Mutual Funds

Payden & Rygel is launching a digital ad campaign to introduce its funds to financial advisors, institutional investors, and consultants. Ads will appear in Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal, highlighting the Payden High Income Fund (PYHRX), Emerging Markets Bond Fund (PYEMX), Absolute Return Bond Fund (PYARX), and California Municipal Social Impact Fund (PYCRX), each offering strategies tailored to current market conditions.

The Payden Absolute Return Bond Fund aims to deliver positive absolute returns over the long term, regardless of economic environments, addressing the unpredictability of interest rate movements. The Payden California Municipal Social Impact Fund invests in projects with positive social and environmental impacts. The Payden Emerging Markets Bond Fund offers diversification and attractive yields from bonds issued by rapidly growing emerging economies. The Payden High Income Fund aims to be less sensitive to interest rate changes than traditional fixed income funds while providing more downside protection than equity strategies.

Payden & Rygel is one of the largest privately-owned global investment advisors, managing $161.7 billion in assets. Founded in 1983, the firm offers a diversified array of equity, fixed-income, and cash balance fund strategies, advising leading institutions and individual investors worldwide. With headquarters in Los Angeles and offices in Boston, London, and Milan, Payden & Rygel is committed to providing customized strategies across global capital markets.

This ad campaign aims to raise awareness of Payden & Rygel’s fund family, showcasing their compelling investment strategies designed for fast-changing market conditions.

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