UBS and Wincasa Unveil Innovative Advisory Solution for Energy-Efficient Renovations of Investment Properties

Energy-efficient renovations play a pivotal role in maintaining the contemporary condition and value of properties. Yet, navigating complex renovation projects and discerning immediate advantages can pose challenges. The collaboration between UBS and Swiss real estate service provider Wincasa, part of the Implenia Group, offers a solution, making investment property renovations easier and more seamless.

The significance of energy-efficient renovations in investment properties is underscored by their impact on greenhouse gas emissions. In Switzerland, the real estate sector ranks as the second-largest emitter, accounting for approximately 25% of emissions.

Renovation becomes simpler through a modular offering. Clients engage in consultation sessions with UBS or Wincasa to discuss their needs, tailored to their property. Services encompass technical and energy analyses, risk assessment, and renovation recommendations. UBS real estate experts provide financial viability assessments, including incentives, tax deductions, and financing options, ensuring profitability. Should clients opt for renovation, Wincasa coordinates construction planning and management, facilitating tasks such as obtaining offers and building permits.

Alain Conte, Head Corporate & Real Estate Banking Switzerland at UBS, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its aim to promote sustainable practices in the real estate sector.

Jens Vollmar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wincasa and Head of the Buildings Division at Implenia, emphasizes their collective expertise in energy-efficient renovation, ensuring added value for UBS clients.

The collaboration between Wincasa and UBS drives sustainable real estate development in Switzerland, benefiting property owners, tenants, and the environment. This partnership marks an essential step toward a shared commitment to long-term sustainability.

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