S&P Global Introduces SFDR Sustainable Investment Framework Dataset Through Xpressfeed™ and Snowflake Platform

S&P Global Sustainable1 Unveils New Dataset to Support MiFID II and SFDR Reporting Requirements

S&P Global Sustainable1 has launched a groundbreaking dataset designed to assist financial market participants in aligning their reporting with the Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID II) and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) mandates. This innovative dataset empowers investors to assess the sustainability profile of their investments by offering a detailed company-level evaluation that can be aggregated across portfolios or indices.

Known as the S&P Global Sustainable1 SFDR Sustainable Investment Framework, this newly introduced dataset is accessible through Xpressfeed™ and Snowflake, the data-feed solutions provided by S&P Global’s Market Intelligence division.

Steven Bullock, Managing Director and Global Head of Research and Methodology at S&P Global Sustainable1, emphasized the importance of meeting the regulatory requirements of MiFID II and SFDR. He highlighted the need for investment firms to consider client sustainability preferences and disclose sustainability performance, stating that the SFDR Sustainable Investment Framework was developed to provide investors with a comprehensive range of high-quality data points for meeting these regulations.

Kelly McGeehan, Head of Sustainability, Broker Research & Investor Relations Solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence, underscored the company’s commitment to addressing its clients’ sustainability-related needs. McGeehan highlighted the dataset’s ability to provide a detailed assessment of companies’ sustainability profiles within investment portfolios, facilitating alignment with MiFID and SFDR reporting requirements.

The SFDR Sustainable Investment Framework is built on three primary components:

  1. Good Governance Screen: Evaluates companies’ governance practices to ensure adherence to sustainability standards.
  2. Do No Significant Harm (DNSH) Screen: Assesses companies’ potential negative impacts on the environment and society in accordance with EU sustainability objectives.
  3. Positive Contribution Assessment: Identifies companies actively contributing to environmental or social objectives.

Covering over 19,000 companies worldwide, the SFDR Sustainable Investment Framework leverages established S&P datasets, including the S&P Global Sustainable1 ESG Raw Data, S&P Global Sustainable1 Business Involvement Screens, S&P Global Sustainable1 EU SFDR Data, and the S&P Global Sustainable1 Trucost Paris Alignment Data. By consolidating these components, the dataset offers a comprehensive view of sustainability across investment portfolios.

For further information on the dataset, please visit: S&P Global Sustainable1’s SFDR Sustainable Investment Framework.

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  • S&P Global Sustainable1 ESG Raw Data
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