Interactive Brokers Enhances Market Accessibility with Expanded Trading on Eurex/KRX Link

Interactive Brokers (Nasdaq: IBKR) has launched the Eurex/KRX link with extended trading hours for Korean KOSPI 200 derivatives. This initiative synchronizes trading opportunities across Korean, U.S., and European time zones, facilitating seamless access for investors during U.S. and European market hours.

The extended hours encompass a range of products including KOSPI 200 Options, Mini-KOSPI 200 Futures, KOSPI 200 Futures, and USD/KRW Currency Futures. These products are fully interchangeable with corresponding contracts on the Seoul Stock Exchange (KRX), supporting robust risk management and effective investment strategies across markets.

Milan Galik, Managing Director of Interactive Brokers, emphasized, “The introduction of the Eurex/KRX link underscores Interactive Brokers’ commitment to providing clients with extensive global investment and trading opportunities. Clients can now leverage extended trading hours on one of the world’s most liquid derivatives markets. Our clients worldwide, including those in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the U.S., can benefit from access to KOSPI index derivatives during both regular and extended trading hours, irrespective of their location.”

Recent regulatory adjustments have streamlined foreign investment processes in South Korean equities, enhancing the appeal of the Eurex/KRX link to international investors. The expansion of trading hours responds to increasing global investor interest in direct access to South Korean equities and derivatives. These enhancements are anticipated to support South Korea’s evolution from an emerging to a developed market, bolstering its attractiveness to global institutional investors.

Interactive Brokers offers access to global markets, advanced technology, and competitive pricing for both self-directed individuals and institutional investors. Clients can trade Korean derivatives alongside stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, funds, and more from a unified platform, benefiting from multi-currency funding and trading capabilities, including the Korean won.

For more information on the Eurex/KRX link provided by Interactive Brokers, visit:

  • United States – Eurex/KRX Link (United States and countries served by IB LLC)
  • Canada – Eurex/KRX Link
  • United Kingdom – Eurex/KRX Link
  • Europe – Eurex/KRX Link
  • Hong Kong – Eurex/KRX Link
  • Singapore – Eurex/KRX Link
  • Australia – Eurex/KRX Link
  • Japan – Eurex/KRX Link

For further details about Interactive Brokers Group, Inc.:

Interactive Brokers Group subsidiaries deliver 24-hour automated trading and custody services for securities, commodities, and foreign exchange across over 150 markets in numerous countries and currencies, through a unified platform. Serving individual investors, hedge funds, proprietary trading groups, financial advisors, and introducing brokers, our four-decade focus on technology and automation has empowered clients with a sophisticated platform to manage their investment portfolios effectively. We strive to provide cost-effective trading and execution services, comprehensive risk and portfolio management tools, research structures, and investment products to help clients achieve superior investment returns. Recognized as a leading broker, Interactive Brokers has received multiple accolades from prestigious industry sources such as Barron’s, Investopedia, and

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