B2Broker Raises Leverage on Major Currency Pairs to 1:200

Leading Prime of Prime liquidity provider, B2Broker, remains committed to excellence, continually attentive to customer needs to equip them with top-notch tools for attracting more end-users and gaining a competitive edge in the industry. In line with this commitment, B2Broker is pleased to announce a significant increase in leverage to 1:200 for major FX pairs, effectively reducing margin requirements from 1% to 0.5%.

“This strategic enhancement not only enhances the competitive edge of our clients but also empowers them to address the evolving needs of their customer base, capitalize on new opportunities, and elevate service standards through our liquidity solutions,” commented John Murillo, Chief Dealing Officer, B2Broker Group of Companies.

Moreover, recognizing the burgeoning demand for increased leverage in the cryptocurrency market, B2Broker has raised leverage up to 1:50 for BTCUSD and ETHUSD, resulting in a reduction of margin requirements from 10% to 2%, significantly bolstering customers’ market position.

About B2Broker Liquidity Solutions

Operating for over a decade, B2Broker offers liquidity solutions that have undergone substantial development, currently offering over 1,500 instruments across eight asset classes, including currencies, crypto CFDs, spot indices, precious metals, single stocks, ETFs, commodities, and NDF CFDs.

B2Broker ensures access to extensive liquidity pools from top-tier providers, facilitating tight spreads and rapid execution. The company’s advanced technology platforms and FIX API integrations, including B2Trader, cTrader, oneZero, Prime XM, Centroid, TFB, TradeLocker, Your Bourse, FX Cubic, and MT4/MT5, enable seamless connectivity across multiple trading systems. B2Broker’s infrastructure ensures efficient distribution and aggregation of liquidity across various channels, enhancing trade execution and mitigating risks.

Key strengths of B2Broker’s liquidity solutions include robust infrastructure, diverse connectivity options, and the ability to tailor liquidity configurations to meet specific client requirements.

As an industry trailblazer, B2Broker has introduced numerous innovative solutions over its history, including launching NDFs as a new asset class in the form of CFDs, with next-day settlements. Additionally, the company pioneered crypto CFDs based on spot and perpetual futures LPs, now offering the most competitive margin conditions in the market.

With a robust balance sheet serving over 250 institutional clients and 30 professional funds, B2Broker is well-positioned to meet customer demands and enhance leverage, providing brokers with increased flexibility to attract a broader user base.

John Murillo, Chief Dealing Officer, B2Broker Group of Companies, remarked, “Our commitment to innovation is evident throughout our history, from being the first to launch crypto CFDs based on spot to offering over 150 crypto CFD pairs today. With our proven track record and extensive customer base, we are market leaders.”


B2Broker stands as a leading fintech innovator, revolutionizing the industry with significant contributions over the past decade. With an unwavering dedication to innovation and continuous improvement, the company ensures its customers remain ahead of the curve. Its comprehensive ecosystem offers tailored solutions for various business models.

With these latest updates, B2Broker strengthens leverage to provide the most competitive conditions for institutional clients, professional traders, brokerage firms, hedge funds, proprietary trading desks, and other financial institutions.

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