Altera, Alternative Asset Manager, Surpasses $400M in Committed Capital

Altera has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing $400 million in committed capital across their flagship private equity strategies and thematic private investments. In the current year, Altera is poised to allocate over $100 million to lower middle market funds and direct deals, reflecting its commitment to strategic growth and investment.

Since its inception, Altera has fostered partnerships with more than 35 General Partners (GPs), consistently investing between $5 million to $30 million in each venture. This broad network of collaborations underscores Altera’s dedication to diversification and its proactive approach to investment opportunities.

At its core, Altera is driven by a mission to construct enduring private market portfolios tailored for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and family offices. By leveraging its expertise and insights, Altera aims to deliver sustainable value and growth while prioritizing the long-term financial objectives of its clients.

Altera, an alternative asset manager focusing on the lower middle market, has announced that it has exceeded $400 million in capital commitments across its flagship private equity strategies and thematic private investments. Since its inception, the firm has partnered with over 35 General Partners (GPs) spanning private equity, real assets, and private credit. Altera’s network of established and emerging fund managers and independent sponsors continues to expand each year, reflecting its commitment to growth and diversification.

“At the end of the day, we want to be a lower middle market sponsors’ preferred, flexible capital partner. We can partner with managers while they operate as independent sponsors, we can help anchor first-time funds, and we can be highly meaningful limited partners to established fund managers. All of this, plus the fact we have an active GP stakes strategy designed to provide GP firms growth capital, helps Altera stand out to sponsors and deliver exceptional value to our investors,” said David Fershteyn, Altera’s Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer.

“We are grateful to have the longstanding support of our diversified capital base. Our investors appreciate the investment ideas we bring to market – most of which are structurally difficult for traditional institutional allocators to access. We believe this capital imbalance presents a huge opportunity for Altera,” said Carlos Alcala, Altera’s Chief Financial Officer.

Altera’s investment philosophy centers on the belief that intelligently investing in the lower middle market can consistently provide better risk-adjusted returns. To execute this strategy, Altera cultivates relationships with hundreds of private sponsors across the country. “It is important to note that the Altera ownership group and our investment team has committed over $125M to our own strategies. We do this because we believe our investments will deliver great outcomes,” said Fershteyn.

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About Altera Investments

Altera is an alternative asset manager focusing on the lower middle market. The firm’s mission is to build enduring private market portfolios for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and family offices. Altera partners with exceptional fund managers and independent sponsors across private equity, real assets, and private credit.

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