Allianz People Fact Book 2022

Fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and innovation

At Allianz, we not only talk about the importance of our people to the success of the business, we do everything we can to give them the necessary support and strength they need to give their best every day. Recognizing the efforts, commitment, and dedication of our people is key. Therefore, the 2022 edition of the People Fact Book will once again provide a comprehensive portrait of Allianz’s human capital and human resource practices, in the light of our people’s continuous contribution to the company’s performance.

It also helps us to improve our people practices and it helps our stakeholders, i.e. investors, customers, employees, and potential future candidates, to more easily and clearly assess how Allianz successfully addresses diversity, equity & inclusion, health & well-being, people development, reward & performance, global mobility, talent management and employee engagement.

Record highs in Allianz Group history 

The seven chapters of the People Fact Book 2022 are all success stories in their own right: Two out of the three main indices of our Allianz Annual Engagement Survey (AES) reached record highs in Allianz Group history, namely the IMIX score, an indicator of company culture, and the WWI+ score, a comprehensive measure of work-related stress at Allianz. Our third index EEI (Employee Engagement Index) remained stable – a great indicator that our business and People and Culture strategy are showing impact and our people are appreciating it! 

The annual Allianz Engagement Survey revealed a positive correlation between employee engagement and diversity – as much as 13 percent higher than other topics. This once again underscores our responsibility as an inclusive and diverse employer. Allianz is #1 in Insurance in the global Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion Index 2022 and #1 in the German Diversity Index 2022. Furthermore, the health and mental well-being of our employees remains a top priority. Our aim is to maintain and improve employee health and well-being across our global workforce by providing a consistent Health in Action Framework with Minimum Requirements for all Allianz entities.

In 2022, more than 62,000 Allianz employees registered for LinkedIn Learning. Our employees have completed more than 200,000 hours of learning and the average viewer spends more than five hours on LinkedIn Learning. Allianz is one of the highest performers in LinkedIn Learning in terms of activation and learning hours. The average training and learning hours per employee also reached a record high: 45.2 (2021: 34.7).

Since the end of 2021 we have successfully implemented Equal Pay at Allianz insurance companies globally, meaning that Allianz entities ensure same pay for same or similar work for women and men at their respective locations.

From HR to People and Culture 

Bettina Dietsche, Chief People and Culture Officer for Allianz Group, is convinced that hybrid is here to stay and that it is a great opportunity to further learn and explore. At Allianz, our people continue to excel and push the boundaries of what is possible. Their dedication and resilience have delivered strong results for Allianz in 2022, giving us the confidence to secure people’s lives and give them courage for what lies ahead, no matter what.

Fostering a culture of lifelong learning for our people together with an increasing focus on our employee engagement and well-being has led to the logical consequence that Allianz Group Human Resources has become Group People and Culture as of 1 January 2023. This better reflects the importance of the people, who have been the driving force behind every customer experience, every investment, every big idea, and the reason for our resilience and success through the test of time since our founding in 1890.

“Now, we want to further strengthen our bond with our people and take another step together to continue to provide an inclusive and positive work environment where people can excel and reach their full potential,” says Bettina Dietsche. Reading the Allianz People Fact Book 2022 shows the initiatives, efforts, and achievements to embed Allianz culture as an important tangible business contribution to drive excellent work, to excel our people and ensure our sustainable, successful role in society and as a trusted insurer and a leading employer.


There is still much to do in 2023. Mental health continues to be a focus area across Allianz Group. One successful asset we will continue to address is our mental health podcast “How are you really doing?” In 2023, we will continue to focus on intersectionality, highlighting generations and other DE&I dimensions. We will launch a global Allianz Benefits Campaign to increase awareness and appreciation of the benefits we offer to our employees, and we will continue to promote global mobility.

Together, as one Allianz, with all our people we will live up a culture that brings the Allianz purpose to life. We Secure your Future. Together.

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