Wealth Stewards Partners with Concurrent

Concurrent Investment Advisors, LLC (“Concurrent”), a hybrid RIA with multiple custodians, is pleased to welcome The Wealth Stewards to its network of independent financial advisory firms. Managing partners Jeff Breese and Brent Mekosh merged their respective Arizona-based practices to join the Concurrent platform, comprising a team of nine professionals entering the RIA space.

Breese and Mekosh, who have a longstanding friendship and previously served as independent advisors with Raymond James Financial Services, initiated the merger over a year ago. Their aim was to expand services for their business-owner clients and bolster the depth of their team. They engaged business consultant Liz Lenz from Lenz Insights to guide them through the merger process. After meticulous evaluation, Concurrent’s platform was selected for its ability to manage the complex transaction, offer legal and transition assistance, and facilitate the launch of The Wealth Stewards’ new digital presence. To fortify the foundation of the new firm, Breese and Mekosh brought Ryan Reming on board at the outset, elevating the combined assets under management of the firm to over $500 million.

Nate Lenz, CEO of Concurrent, remarked, “Jeff and Brent are precisely the type of advisors we designed Concurrent to support. They have taken a significant stride forward in their professional journey together, and their clients will benefit from their ambition for years to come.”

Mekosh added, “From the beginning, Concurrent demonstrated an understanding of entrepreneurs. We aim to build wealth for our clients while fostering our own business as independent entrepreneurs.”

With offices in Phoenix and Chandler, Arizona, The Wealth Stewards will leverage Concurrent’s platform, operational support services, and strategic consulting resources to enhance their business. Their focus remains on crafting solutions and delivering a client experience tailored to the needs of high-net-worth individuals and families. Through Concurrent’s extensive network, The Wealth Stewards gain access to a collaborative peer group that shares resources and best practices, offering a unique advantage in their expansion endeavors.

Breese emphasized, “Concurrent’s true value lies beyond monetary considerations. Their established relationships, comprehensive support services, and alignment with our goals made them the clear choice for Brent and me.”

Joe Mooney, Managing Director of Advisor Engagement and Enterprise Development at Concurrent, noted, “The Wealth Stewards distinguish themselves through the genuine bond between Jeff and Brent and the exceptional service they provide their clients. It has been gratifying to contribute to the integration of their businesses and assist them in shaping their vision for the culture and future of their firm.


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