Wave Chooses Q2 for Delivering Digital Receipt Management Solutions to Small Businesses

A leading provider of digital transformation solutions for banking and lending, Q2, today announced its strategic partnership with Wave, the comprehensive money management solution tailored for small business owners. Through this collaboration, Q2 will empower Wave’s customers with streamlined and intuitive expense management capabilities, enhancing their ability to gain deeper insights into financial data.

“Traditional expense management often proves to be a time-consuming and frustrating ordeal for small business owners. Q2’s Spend Manager addresses this challenge by automating and streamlining expense management processes, eliminating the burdensome task of manual expense tracking. By partnering with Q2, Wave aims to alleviate the manual effort involved in tracking expenses, enhance accuracy, and provide real-time visibility into financial transactions.

“We chose Q2 as our technology partner due to their expertise and established track record in the receipt scanning industry,” remarked Alo Mukerji, VP of Product at Wave. “Their commitment to innovation perfectly aligns with our vision, enabling us to offer our customers unprecedented convenience and accuracy within the financial services sector.”

Corey Gross, VP and Managing Director of Sensibill at Q2, emphasized, “Traditional expense management poses significant challenges for small business owners. We are thrilled to collaborate with Wave to address this issue and empower their clients to drive efficiency and accuracy in their businesses.”

In 2022, Q2’s acquisition of Sensibill further augmented its capabilities, enhancing Q2 Catalyst, the end-to-end commercial banking suite designed to support financial institutions in winning, onboarding, serving, and growing business client relationships. The integration of Sensibill has reinforced Q2’s comprehensive data strategy, facilitating seamless expense management for SMBs through Q2 Spend Manager. This solution simplifies the capture, consolidation, and management of financial documents, automates expense processes, and uncovers actionable insights using SKU-level data derived from receipts.

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