WalletConnect Introduces “WalletGuide” – Leading UX Innovation for Digital Wallets

WalletConnect, a leading web3 UX platform, has unveiled “WalletGuide,” a pioneering initiative aimed at recognizing digital wallets that uphold the highest industry standards. Scheduled to launch in September, WalletGuide will award the “WalletConnect Certified” gold badge to wallets that excel in adopting and implementing the latest UX standards. Notable industry collaborators include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Kraken, Ledger, Magic Eden, 1inch, Okx, Binance Web3 Wallet, Safe, Bybit, Zerion, Crypto.com, Bitget, SafePal, TokenPocket, Timeless X, and Exodus.

WalletGuide serves as the definitive directory for digital wallets, assisting users and developers in identifying top-performing wallets across various criteria such as security, features, and overall quality. This initiative underscores WalletConnect’s commitment to leading UX innovation and fostering collaboration across the industry to enhance user experiences.

“At WalletConnect, we are dedicated to advancing UX innovation and upholding rigorous industry standards, and WalletGuide exemplifies this commitment,” stated Jess Houlgrave, CEO of WalletConnect. “By leveraging insights from respected industry leaders, WalletGuide provides users and developers with a comprehensive list of secure, feature-rich, and compliant digital wallets, distinguished by the prestigious ‘WalletConnect Certified’ gold badge. We are focused on delivering exceptional experiences to our community.”

Through collaboration with industry partners, WalletGuide ensures a holistic and consensus-driven approach to establishing and evaluating UX criteria. By engaging closely with experts and stakeholders, including wallet providers themselves, WalletConnect ensures that WalletGuide reflects the latest best practices and innovations in the digital wallet landscape.

“WalletConnect’s collaborative and user-centric approach is fundamental to our industry’s ethos,” remarked Eric Kuhn, Head of Kraken Wallet. “This initiative establishes new benchmarks for security and functionality, reassuring wallet users of seamless on-chain experiences. This perfectly aligns with Kraken Wallet’s objectives.”

Partnering with WalletConnect on WalletGuide, Jasmine Xu, Head of Product at Magic Eden, emphasized, “This directory will be invaluable for users and developers alike, setting a new standard for excellence in the digital wallet arena.”

Nate Zou, Head of Product at Trust Wallet, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We share WalletConnect’s mission of community-driven development and user-first principles. This initiative strengthens our commitment to international standards while advancing innovation and user experience.”

This announcement follows WalletConnect’s recent introduction of AppKit and WalletKit, innovative tools empowering developers to simplify web3 interactions. These customizable APIs offer enhanced user control and flexibility, enabling developers to elevate existing applications into more sophisticated experiences while ensuring greater control over user data and assets across applications, wallets, and websites.

WalletConnect is also progressing towards full decentralization of its protocol, promoting greater community involvement and user ownership within the blockchain ecosystem. Further details on this decentralization effort will be disclosed at an upcoming event in Singapore in September.

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