Volta Secures $4.1 Million in Seed Funding Round

Volta is revolutionizing the digital asset landscape with the launch of Volta Circuit, an innovative multi-signature, non-custodial platform that has secured $4.1 million in seed funding from Fika Ventures and Haven Ventures, with additional backing from Soma Capital, Dispersion Capital, and Uphonest Capital. This platform sets a new standard as the premier smart wallet infrastructure, offering the fastest, simplest, and most secure solution for self-custody.

In the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, firms have historically faced trade-offs between scalability, security, and performance. However, advancements in blockchain technology have rendered these compromises obsolete. Today, Volta Circuit is unveiling a comprehensive platform that delivers a sophisticated smart contract multi-signature wallet solution. This solution integrates governance, rules, and policy controls that are enforced directly on-chain.

This groundbreaking architecture empowers users to expand their operations securely using a multi-signature wallet that supports authorized, single-signature transactions. Traders can execute and sign transactions in microseconds, eliminating traditional delays while ensuring complete control and ownership of their assets without relying on third-party key management.

Furthermore, Volta Circuit embraces open signature standards, making the platform wallet-agnostic. This feature allows any wallet to integrate rules and permission controls, providing users with the flexibility to customize their wallet solutions to suit their preferences.

“Volta Circuit sets a new standard for a streamlined and secure approach to managing digital assets,” remarked George Melika, co-founder and CEO of Volta. “We’re addressing the key challenges faced by investors by prioritizing security, speed, and full ownership. Volta Circuit is the only solution that empowers institutions with direct control over a fast, secure, scalable, and customizable infrastructure to build and scale digital asset businesses and trading operations without the constraints or expenses of a centralized platform.”

The decentralized finance market is projected to reach $446 billion by 2030, with the market capitalization for on-chain tokenization expected to reach $16 trillion. However, institutional investors have remained cautious about how these assets will be secured, transferred, and managed. With Volta Circuit, institutional investors—such as trading firms, asset managers, treasury operations, venture capital firms, and banks—can access an infrastructure that offers greater speed and security than ever before.

“We firmly believe that Volta is emerging as a leader in the next wave of decentralized finance as investors seek a safer and more accessible option to manage their digital assets,” noted Gabriella Brignardello of Fika Ventures. “Volta’s technology stands out in its ability to provide institutional investors with secure access while maintaining the flexibility required to meet their existing infrastructure needs.”

“The finance industry is undergoing a paradigm shift towards digitizing real-world assets and adopting distributed architectures, prompting traditional institutions to seek greater control over their assets,” added McLain Southworth, co-founder and managing partner of Haven Ventures. “Volta Circuit’s multi-signature smart contract wallet addresses this need and is poised to become the new standard for financial institutions. At some point, ‘digital assets’ will simply be referred to as ‘assets,’ and Volta will be the standard by which those institutions protect them.”

Volta was co-founded by George Melika and Daniel Kim, bringing together over 40 years of experience in software development in fintech, cryptocurrency platforms, and blockchain development. George previously served as the CTO of sFOX, while Daniel led the growth of Maple Finance.

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