UniCredit & Rockefeller Launch onemarkets Rockefeller Global Innovation Equity Fund

Rockefeller Asset Management and UniCredit Launch onemarkets Rockefeller Global Innovation Equity Fund”

Rockefeller Asset Management (Rockefeller), the asset management arm of Rockefeller Capital Management, and UniCredit, a pan-European commercial bank with a unique service offering in Italy, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, have partnered to launch the onemarkets Rockefeller Global Innovation Equity Fund. This marks the first collaboration between Rockefeller and an Italian institution for such a fund distribution.

The fund, available across UniCredit’s network via the onemarkets Fund range, aims to outperform global equities by identifying large- and some mid-cap companies driving innovation across technology, healthcare, demographics, and decarbonization.

The investment universe focuses on these four pillars and sixteen underlying sub-themes, employing a rigorous process to determine each company’s investment and innovation thesis. Rolando F. Morillo, Co-Portfolio Manager for Thematic Investments, emphasizes the goal of identifying established companies producing long-term returns through innovative solutions to societal challenges.

Jose Garza, Co-Portfolio Manager for Thematic Investments, highlights the potential of innovative companies to generate greater shareholder returns and resilience, positioning them as future industry leaders.

Chip Montgomery, President of Rockefeller Asset Management International, views the fund as an opportunity for European investors to capitalize on innovation, offering a unique global equity solution.

Claudia Vacanti, Head of Group Investment & Protection Products at UniCredit, underscores the onemarkets Fund’s commitment to delivering top-tier asset management strategies, expressing excitement about the partnership with Rockefeller Asset Management and the exclusive exposure it offers to innovation.

Since its launch in October 2022, UniCredit’s onemarkets Fund has expanded its investment solutions, leveraging both in-house expertise and strategic partnerships to cater to clients’ diverse needs.

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