S&P Global Launches Generative AI Search on the S&P Global Marketplace

S&P Global has announced the launch of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled search functionality on its S&P Global Marketplace platform. The Marketplace serves as S&P Global’s hub for data and solutions from its five divisions, Sustainable1, Kensho, and select third-party providers. This new Generative AI search capability aims to streamline and enrich the exploration of S&P Global’s offerings, responding to users’ natural language queries with detailed responses for a more intuitive and efficient search experience. Moreover, it proactively suggests relevant data sets and services, expanding users’ perspectives.

Bhavesh Dayalji, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at S&P Global and CEO of Kensho, commented on this advancement, stating, “This exciting new offering on Marketplace is another example of how S&P Global is accelerating the adoption of AI across the company with the purpose of transforming how our customers interact with our data assets and solutions and integrate our services into their workflows using AI.” The AI-powered search engine is poised to revolutionize customer interactions and enable seamless discovery of new datasets.

The Generative AI search leverages a Large Language Model (LLM) and taps into the wealth of information and metadata available on Marketplace, as well as S&P Global’s comprehensive technical documentation. Developed in collaboration between Market Intelligence, S&P Global’s division providing information services and solutions to global markets, and Kensho, the company’s AI-innovation arm, this feature represents a significant step forward in enhancing user experiences.

Justine Iverson, Head of S&P Global Marketplace and Capital IQ Solutions Strategy, highlighted the strategic combination of Kensho’s Generative AI capabilities with the Marketplace, stating, “Our clients now benefit from an innovative search experience that meets them where they are on their discovery journey — whether it’s initial research to a more technical understanding of our offerings.”

S&P Global’s acquisition of Kensho in 2018 has fueled advancements in AI-driven solutions, including Scribe, NERD, Classify, Extract, and Link. Generative AI search on Marketplace represents the latest evolution in this domain, following the recent upgrade of S&P Capital IQ Pro platform to incorporate AI-enabled search experiences, enhance content accessibility, and deliver personalized insights.

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