Schwab Investing Themes™ Puts the Power of Personalized Investing in the Hands of Individual Investors

Charles Schwab today announced the broad availability of Schwab Investing Themes™, a comprehensive thematic investing solution that enables investors to easily research, customize, and invest in more than 40 thematic areas based on their personal passions and interests. Each theme is comprised of up to 25 stocks, and covers topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Aging U.S. Population, Electric Vehicles, Blockchain, U.S. National Defense, Renewable Energy, and Big Data. Schwab Investing Themes has a low investment minimum of just $250 and there is no fee to access the solution. Schwab initially began rolling out the solution to clients earlier this quarter.

According to Schwab’s Q2 2023 Retail Client Sentiment Report, more than 60% of clients believe it is important to align their values and areas of interest with their investment decisions.

“Investors are more focused than ever on aligning how they invest with their personal passions, values and interests,” said Jonathan Craig, Managing Director, Head of Investor Services at Charles Schwab. “Schwab Investing Themes is a powerful new way for people to invest in ideas and areas they believe in, and as Schwab has done many times before, we’re taking something that has historically been very difficult for individual investors to do on their own and making it significantly easier, more accessible and affordable.”

Schwab Investing Themes builds on Schwab’s thematic stock lists, made available in early 2022. While the stock lists present stocks related to various ideas or trends for clients to consider, Schwab Investing Themes is a digital experience which enables them to research, customize, trade, and track a group of stocks within a theme in just a few clicks. Key features include:

  • Weightings and holdings of each theme can be customized before clients invest
  • Once invested, clients can easily monitor a theme’s positions and track performance
  • Available on and the latest version of Schwab Mobile

The themes are built by a team of researchers who leverage a sophisticated proprietary algorithm to power their analysis. Schwab’s algorithm uses natural language processing (NLP) to mine terabytes of data and millions of public documents, such as patent grants, clinical trials, and regulatory filings to objectively identify publicly traded companies based on their relevance to a particular investment theme. The algorithm can quickly ingest thousands of pages of text and quantify thematic relevance for companies – a task that might take an investor multiple days to accomplish on their own.

“With the launch of Schwab Investing Themes we’re making powerful investing technology and research directly available to Main Street investors while also making it incredibly easy to use with very low barriers to entry,” said Neesha Hathi, Managing Director, Head of Schwab Wealth & Advice Solutions. “Schwab Investing Themes is a culmination of a number of innovations and investments Schwab has made on behalf of investors – from fractional share trading to digital brokerage capabilities to AI-powered research.”

The launch of Schwab Investing Themes is part of Schwab’s ongoing focus to provide investors with products and services that help personalize how they invest. Earlier this year, Schwab announced additional enhancements to Schwab Personalized Indexing, the firm’s direct indexing solution. In the past two years, Schwab debuted of the Schwab Crypto Thematic ETF, the Schwab Ariel ESG ETF, and announced the availability of MSCI’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Ratings for individual securities.

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