Quarter Addresses Home Affordability

Quarter Inc., the nation’s first technology platform that finances home purchases using fractional equity instead of debt, is launching the Quarter Launch Fund to expand operations, including financing approximately 300 additional homes.

“The Quarter Launch Fund is particularly appealing to investors because it leverages features unique to Quarter’s patented model, blending the high return profile of a VC-type investment with the lower risk profile of a real estate investment,” stated Shannon Diesch, CEO of Quarter.

Unlike organizations that incentivize investments in rental properties, Quarter has developed a patented model allowing people and entities to invest in owner-occupied residential real estate. Quarter’s technology platform connects consumers wanting to buy a home or replace their existing mortgage with investors interested in single-family residential properties. Homebuyers purchase a home similarly to using a mortgage and live in it with all the privileges of homeownership. However, with Quarter, a typical monthly payment is up to 50% cheaper than a mortgage and 20-30% lower than comparable rent payments.

Shannon Diesch commented, “Our mission is to profoundly change people’s lives. Making housing more affordable allows more people to become homeowners and helps paychecks go further since housing is the largest expense for the average American. The Quarter Launch Fund will help us achieve significant milestones towards this mission.”

The timing of Quarter’s launch is pertinent. Quarter’s model enables those who cannot afford traditional mortgage financing, including many Gen Z and Millennial first-time buyers, to become homeowners.

“Investors will find the Quarter Launch Fund particularly attractive due to its ability to leverage unique features of Quarter’s patented model, blending high returns typical of VC investments with the lower risk profile of real estate investments,” Diesch added.

Investors can learn more about the Quarter Model and the Quarter Launch Fund on the Quarter investor site.

About Quarter

Quarter is a platform that fractionalizes homes through a unique, patented model based on equity investment instead of traditional mortgage debt, enabling people and entities to invest in a new asset class of owner-occupied residential real estate.

Quarter connects fractional housing investors directly with consumers looking to purchase a home or refinance an existing mortgage. By removing intermediaries, Quarter enables homeowners to significantly reduce closing costs and monthly payments, making homeownership accessible and affordable for potentially millions, while providing investors with passive, interest-rate-agnostic, diversified returns, with regular cash flow and accelerated appreciation—surpassing REITs and rental properties in both returns and risk profiles.

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