Pacer ETFs Broadens Cash Cows Series with Introduction of Developed Markets Growth Leaders ETF

Pacer ETFs (“Pacer”), a leading ETF issuer specializing in strategy-driven, rules-based ETFs, is pleased to announce the launch of the Pacer Developed Markets Cash Cows Growth Leaders ETF (NYSE: EAFG). This new fund is the latest addition to Pacer’s successful Cash Cows fund family, which comprises a series of ETFs focused on free cash flow strategies.

The launch of EAFG coincides with an exciting new partnership between Pacer and MSCI, as this fund becomes the first of Pacer’s offerings to screen equity names using an MSCI Index. EAFG’s strategy is designed to track the Pacer Developed Markets Cash Cows Growth Leaders Index, which selects the top 100 international large- and mid-cap securities in developed markets with above-average free cash flow margins from the MSCI EAFE Index. By introducing EAFG, Pacer expands its product lineup to include an international growth option alongside its existing US large-cap and small-cap growth strategies, COWG and CAFG.

“As investors increasingly seek resilient strategies amidst market volatility driven by factors such as elevated interest rates and geopolitical tensions, the high free cash flow approach of our Cash Cows funds has garnered significant attention,” explains Sean O’Hara, President of Pacer ETF Distributors. “The launch of EAFG aims to offer investors a unique growth opportunity tailored to navigate the current global landscape, leveraging opportunities in developed markets beyond our borders. This addition underscores our commitment to providing diversified and impactful solutions that align with investors’ objectives. Through our strategic screening process, we aim to identify companies with the highest free cash flow margin, which historically have shown potential for higher current and future sales and earnings growth.”

Joe Thomson, President of Pacer Financial, further highlights the significance of this launch, stating, “The introduction of EAFG not only expands our successful series but also represents a significant milestone as our inaugural collaboration with index provider MSCI. We are continually enhancing our partnerships and innovating our product offerings to meet evolving market dynamics and assist investors in achieving their portfolio goals. We extend our gratitude to our investors and partners for their unwavering support as we advance this mission.”

The Cash Cows Series has demonstrated notable success with its distinctive free cash flow approach, accumulating over $34 billion in assets across its nine funds, following an impressive growth rate of 118.2% in 2023.

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