New TNS eBook: Financial Institutions Embrace Digital Transformation to Safeguard Customers Against Robocall Scams

Transaction Network Services (TNS) has unveiled its latest eBook titled “Digital Transformation Trends for Financial Services Contact Centers”, focusing on the evolution of financial services contact centers and their strategies to fortify the voice channel against emerging threats.

The financial landscape has been marred by a surge in robocalls, resulting in significant financial losses. In 2023 alone, consumers reported staggering losses of $4.6 billion to investment scams and $2.7 billion to imposter scams, prompting heightened demands for enhanced protection from financial institutions. According to TNS survey data, 92% of consumers believe financial services providers should implement robust measures to safeguard customers.

Denny Randolph, President of TNS Communications Market, emphasized the urgency: “With consumers increasingly calling for protection from their financial service providers, contact centers in these sectors are aggressively seeking solutions to secure the voice channel against robocall scams.”

The eBook draws on TNS’s 30 years of expertise in call identification to outline key challenges facing the financial services industry and identifies pivotal digital transformation trends enhancing contact center operations.

Key highlights from the eBook include:

Protecting Customers and Preventing Fraud

Fraud continues to escalate, with consumers reporting over $10 billion in losses in 2023 alone—a record high. TNS Enterprise Authentication and Spoof Protection solutions ensure that only authenticated, branded calls reach customers, effectively mitigating the risk of fraudsters spoofing legitimate numbers.

Enhancing Brand Recognition

Effective customer engagement starts with recognizable calls. TNS Enterprise Branded Calling solutions display comprehensive call information on incoming screens, fostering immediate brand recognition and increasing the likelihood of customer engagement.

Harnessing Data Insights

Successful financial services contact centers leverage data analytics to optimize call agent performance and customer engagement. Tools like Telephone Number Reputation Monitoring and TN Insights provide real-time intelligence, enabling swift identification and resolution of spoofing incidents.

For more insights, download the full eBook from TNS’s website here.

About TNS:

Transaction Network Services (TNS) is a global leader in call identification and robocall mitigation, offering comprehensive solutions to safeguard voice communications. TNS Call Guardian® provides advanced call analytics, protecting subscribers from nuisance robocalls. The TNS Enterprise suite, including Authentication and Spoof Protection, and Branded Calling solutions, enriches customer engagement and enhances omnichannel experiences. TNS monitors over 1.5 billion call events daily across 500 operators, empowering enterprises to protect brands and consumers alike.

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