MeridianLink Software Enhances A+ Federal Credit Union’s Loan Volume

MeridianLink, Inc. (NYSE: MLNK), a leading provider of cutting-edge software solutions for financial institutions and consumer reporting agencies, has announced that A+ Federal Credit Union (A+FCU) has chosen MeridianLink® to modernize its loan origination system. Utilizing MeridianLink® One, the credit union will benefit from a comprehensive platform that streamlines operations and enhances member experiences. A+FCU, which already utilizes MeridianLink® Consumer, MeridianLink® Mortgage, MeridianLink® Portal, and MeridianLink® Opening for business accounts, has recently expanded its suite with MeridianLink® Consulting, MeridianLink® Engage, and MeridianLink® Insight. This end-to-end digital solution empowers the Texas-based credit union to leverage data and technology effectively, fostering improved interactions for both members and employees

With a membership base exceeding 193,000 and assets managed surpassing $2.6 billion, A+ Federal Credit Union (A+FCU) has revolutionized its loan origination process with the adoption of MeridianLink One platform. This platform’s customizable features empower A+FCU to strengthen member relationships, harness business data for personalized experiences, and expedite loan approvals through automated decision-making. Notably, A+FCU saw a twofold increase in instant approval rates on consumer loans after transitioning from six disparate loan origination platforms to the unified capabilities of MeridianLink One.

“Devesh Khare, Chief Product Officer at MeridianLink, highlights the efficiency gains achieved by A+FCU through the utilization of multiple MeridianLink solutions within the MeridianLink One framework. Collaboratively, A+FCU has slashed turnaround times, enriched reporting analytics, and streamlined communication channels with members and partners.

“This transformation has significantly bolstered A+FCU’s digital prowess and enhanced member experiences across consumer and mortgage loan applications. Leveraging MeridianLink’s cross-sell capabilities driven by its integrated platform, the credit union can seamlessly advise members on additional lending options based on their individual credit profiles and other pertinent data, thereby deepening member relationships. Moving forward, A+FCU plans to harness the power of MeridianLink Engage to target both new and existing members with personalized offers in a timely manner.

“Amber Isaku, Vice President of Lending at A+ Federal Credit Union, emphasizes the agility gained since partnering with MeridianLink. The MeridianLink One platform, with its data-centric digital workflows, provides a consistent end-to-end lending experience, empowering continuous innovation to deliver top-notch digital experiences to members.

“For more information about MeridianLink and its products, visit their website.


Founded in 1949 by 50 Austin, Texas teachers, A+ Federal Credit Union has evolved over 75 years into an award-winning institution with over 193,000 members, more than $2.6 billion in assets, over 500 employees, and 22 branches. Offering a comprehensive range of financial products and services, A+ Federal Credit Union remains committed to supporting its members and the community through financial education initiatives and tailored financial products.


MeridianLink® (NYSE: MLNK) is a leader in digital lending and account opening solutions for financial institutions, along with providing data verification solutions for consumer reporting agencies. MeridianLink’s cloud-based platforms enable customers to create personalized, data-driven experiences throughout the lending lifecycle, driving revenue growth, risk reduction, and customer satisfaction. With a focus on democratizing lending for consumers, businesses, and communities, MeridianLink has been at the forefront of innovation for over 25 years. Visit to learn more.

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