Macquarie Data Centres Completes Major Upgrades to Sydney and Canberra Campuses

Macquarie Data Centres completes major upgrades to its Sydney and Canberra campuses, providing expanded capacity, improved security, and enhanced compliance measures for government and enterprise customers.

Macquarie Data Centres, a division of Macquarie Technology Group, announced the successful completion of major upgrades to its Data Centre Campuses in Sydney and Canberra. Macquarie Data Centres say these enhancements provide government and enterprise customers with expanded capacity, improved security posture, and enhanced compliance measures.

Ultra-Secure Zones

The multi-million dollar project encompasses the addition of two additional ultra-secure zones to the Sydney and Canberra campuses, along with substantial power upgrades and increased operational efficiency. These developments are specifically designed to support the growing needs of both existing and new customers.

The newly added ultra-secure zones meet the stringent requirements of the highest levels of the Australian Federal Government’s Protective Security Policy Framework. Macquarie Data Centres prioritizes both physical and cyber security standards in its operations, ensuring the utmost protection for its clients’ data.

Increased Capacity

Macquarie Data Centres said the rack capacity has been increased as part of the upgrades, and other secure zones within the Sydney and Canberra campuses have been expanded. These enhancements are already available for occupancy and will assist customers in planning for additional capacity as they undertake data-intensive workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

Macquarie Data Centres emphasized the significance of these upgrades. Macquarie says with a client portfolio that includes 42 percent of the Commonwealth Government, major hyper scalers, and large multinationals, the company is well-positioned to address the evolving demands of its clientele.

Swift and Efficient Upgrades

According to the statement, these major upgrade projects were executed within operational data centre halls and completed within a swift six-month timeframe without any outages or disruptions to Macquarie Data Centres’ existing customers.

The project was not only delivered ahead of schedule but also under budget. Equally significant that these upgrades were accomplished with an exemplary safety record, boasting zero lost time injuries (LTI) or medical treatment injuries (MTI).

These recent upgrades to Macquarie’s Data Centre Campus in the Sydney North zone precede the forthcoming construction of its largest data centre, IC3 Super West

Macquarie Technology Group

The parent company, formerly known as Macquarie Telecom Group, underwent a name change to Macquarie Technology Group, signifying its transformation into a comprehensive digital infrastructure technology business with a strong focus on data centres, cloud services, and cyber security.

With the completion of these significant upgrades, Macquarie Data Centres says it solidifies its position as a trusted partner for organisations, offering capacity, security, compliance, and sovereignty considerations as paramount aspects of its service offerings.

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