Launch of Innovative Australian Technology to Combat Scams

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is pioneering a comprehensive approach to combating scams in Australia by integrating into a new anti-scam intelligence loop, marking a significant advancement in national security efforts.

Developed in collaboration with the Australian Financial Crimes Exchange (AFCX) and the National Anti-Scam Centre (NASC), this intelligence loop facilitates seamless information sharing among banks, telecommunications networks, internet service providers, and social media companies. This integration enables swift dissemination of verified scam information, facilitating the blocking of scam phone numbers, URLs, fake websites, and misleading social media content.

The initiative, currently focused on mitigating SMS phishing scams, has already seen CBA contribute over 1,200 entries containing scam-related data into the loop. According to NASC, phishing scams were the most prevalent type attempted in 2023.

While overall scam losses in Australia have shown signs of decline, CBA acknowledges the ongoing need for cross-industry collaboration involving government and law enforcement to diminish Australia’s attractiveness to scammers.

James Roberts, General Manager Group Fraud at CBA, highlighted the holistic nature of the scam challenge, emphasizing that scams often originate beyond banking sectors, such as through fake websites and deceptive digital advertisements. CBA, as the inaugural bank to join AFCX’s intel loop, underscores its commitment to enhancing national defenses by sharing intelligence across sectors.

CBA’s fraud team played a pivotal role in developing the intel loop infrastructure, reinforcing Australia’s anti-scam capabilities. Mr. Roberts urged other industry leaders to integrate into the loop, emphasizing that collective intelligence strengthens national defenses against evolving scam tactics.

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Additionally, CBA has launched several anti-scam technologies in recent years, including the Scam Indicator with Quantium Telstra, SMS scams intelligence sharing with Vodafone, expanded NameCheck technology, and in-app caller verification CallerCheck, all aimed at safeguarding customers from financial fraud.

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