KFH Introduces Cutting-Edge Payment and Acceptance Solutions with Zaheb

In response to soaring demand from merchants and business owners, Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has launched a robust marketing campaign to promote its Zaheb digital platform. Titled “Stay Zaheb with KFH… Selling, Paying, and Collecting Just Got Easier,” the campaign specifically targets SMEs eager to capitalize on Zaheb’s cutting-edge digital solutions.

Zaheb distinguishes itself with innovative payment methods such as payment links and QR codes, setting new benchmarks for speed, security, and convenience in fund transfers. This initiative underscores KFH’s steadfast commitment to advancing comprehensive digital technologies that enhance service offerings.

Introduced to empower businesses and draw them into the formal banking sector, Zaheb champions e-payment methods that boost security and efficiency, aligning seamlessly with global financial transaction trends. Merchants can generate invoice links effortlessly, distributing them via email or SMS to individual customers or groups for swift payment processing. Moreover, merchants can create dynamic or static QR codes, enabling customers to make direct payments using their debit or credit card apps.

The Zaheb platform not only pioneers unparalleled payment solutions in the local market but also integrates a suite of services tailored to diverse business needs across industries. This includes robust features for sales systems, customer demographics, and comprehensive e-payment functionalities, positioning Zaheb as a catalyst for economic growth and market expansion.

Available to all Shari’a-compliant businesses with a current account at KFH, Zaheb addresses substantial demand for e-payment solutions, which has surged recently and emerged as a pivotal component of corporate sales strategies.

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