InvoiceCloud Unveils New Payments Report: Insights Into Bill Payers’ Digital Reluctance

InvoiceCloud, a prominent provider of digital bill payment solutions, has published a new online payments report in collaboration with a third-party research firm. This report provides valuable insights into the payment preferences and behaviors of digitally reluctant bill payers. The survey specifically targeted four demographic groups: individuals aged 55 and older, non-English speakers, those who predominantly use checks for payments, and the unbanked population.

This resource is particularly significant for organizations operating in financial services, tax, utilities, and insurance sectors. It aims to enhance their understanding of these historically resistant personas, enabling better engagement and service delivery in the realm of online payments.

InvoiceCloud, a leader in digital bill payment solutions, has unveiled compelling insights from its recent online payments report, shedding light on opportunities for increased adoption of convenient mobile pay options. Despite 78% of respondents aged 55 and older preferring digital bill payments, mobile wallets like Apple and Google Pay remain underutilized. However, there is significant potential for growth, as 43% of respondents already use mobile wallets for other purchases, with 72% open to using them for bill payments.

Among the unbanked respondents, 58% have utilized PayPal for purchases, and 84% are willing to use it for bill payments. Similarly, 83% of non-English speakers have used mobile wallets for purchases, and 95% are open to using them for bill payments.

The report highlights the effectiveness of “Remind Me” notifications in overcoming barriers to online payments. For instance, 27% of non-English speakers and check writers cite fear of forgetting payments as a hindrance, emphasizing the value of reminders. Across all demographics, a substantial percentage expressed that payment reminders would increase their likelihood of paying bills online.

Motivators for adopting digital payments vary: 41% of unbanked respondents and 57% of non-English speakers prioritize ease of use, while 41% of check writers and 42% of those aged 55+ prioritize security assurances. Interestingly, the promise of no additional fees was less influential across all groups.

Kevin O’Brien, CEO of InvoiceCloud, emphasized their commitment to enhancing online payment adoption and addressing barriers among historically non-digital populations. The survey, conducted between February and March 2024 with 800 US adults, provides actionable insights for improving the payer experience and converting digitally reluctant customers.

For more details on the report’s findings and strategies for facilitating online payment adoption, visit InvoiceCloud’s report page.

About InvoiceCloud: InvoiceCloud offers advanced digital payment, customer engagement, and outbound disbursement solutions, serving over 3,200 clients in utilities, government, and insurance sectors. They specialize in electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP), enhancing customer experience with higher adoption rates of digital payments, autopay, and paperless options. Learn more at

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