ICBC and Police Initiate Campaign to Combat Rising Impaired Driving Crashes

Every summer, impaired driving-related crashes resulting in injury or death increase by 27% in B.C.* Northern B.C. sees the largest increase (63%), followed by the Southern Interior (53%), Vancouver Island (21%), and the Lower Mainland (11%).

In response, ICBC and police are launching a summer-long campaign to reduce impaired driving on B.C. roads. Despite progress since the inception of CounterAttack roadchecks in 1977, an average of 61 lives are still lost annually due to impaired driving.

Starting this weekend, police will conduct CounterAttack roadchecks across the province, targeting impaired drivers. If your summer plans involve alcohol or other drugs, arrange a safe way to get home. Use a designated driver, taxi, rideshare, or public transit to ensure road safety.

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Shabnem Afzal, ICBC’s Director of Road Safety:
“Driving under the influence significantly impairs your vision, judgment, and reaction time. Don’t risk the safety of others. Plan ahead for a safe ride home to help keep our roads safe for everyone.”

Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General:
“Impaired driving is entirely preventable. By planning for a safe ride home—using a designated driver, taxi, rideshare, or public transit—we can save lives and protect our communities. Let’s all take responsibility to ensure everyone gets home safely.”

Deputy Chief Fiona Wilson, President of the BC Association of Chiefs of Police:
“Driving under the influence is a serious and reckless decision that endangers everyone on the road. It’s crucial to understand the life-altering consequences of this behavior. Your choices behind the wheel affect more than just you. Let’s commit to keeping our roads safe and never drive under the influence.”


Summer Impaired Driving Statistics:

  • Overall Increase: 27%
  • Lower Mainland: 11%
  • Vancouver Island: 21%
  • Southern Interior: 53%
  • North Central B.C.: 63%

Annual Impaired Driving Statistics:

  • B.C.: 61 deaths and 1,404 injuries
  • Lower Mainland: 17 deaths and 600 injuries
  • Vancouver Island: 10 deaths and 305 injuries
  • Southern Interior: 23 deaths and 344 injuries
  • North Central B.C.: 13 deaths and 155 injuries

*Data is based on police reports from 2018 to 2022, including alcohol, illicit drugs, and medicines. The COVID-19 pandemic may have impacted 2020 and 2021 data. On average, 81 casualty crashes occur from October to May, compared to 103 from June to September.

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