Get in the Game with E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley

ETRADE, now part of Morgan Stanley, has revealed its plans to showcase a 30-second advertisement during the second quarter of a significant game event. The commercial will star the iconic ETRADE Baby, this time venturing into the world of Pickleball—the rapidly growing sport in the United States, boasting a staggering 48 million players.

Andrea Zaretsky, Chief Marketing Officer at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, emphasized the significance of this event beyond mere entertainment. She stated, “The Big Game is not just the most watched American event of the year, it also comes at a point of reflection—after the holiday season where many may feel financially exhausted, and at the start of the year where folks are looking for a fresh start and new money habits.” Through this advertisement, the aim is to motivate consumers to engage in both Pickleball metaphorically and take real action in managing their finances effectively.

On February 12th, E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley will host its inaugural “Money Monday” event, focusing on education, self-directed investing tools, and exclusive offers. The event will feature a discussion with Morgan Stanley’s Chief Global Economist Seth Carpenter and New York Times best-selling author Nicole Lapin.

Seth Carpenter brings a wealth of experience from the public sector, including a significant tenure at the Federal Reserve and roles at the US Treasury. Nicole Lapin, a renowned author and former anchor on major news networks, is known for her expertise in personal finance and business.

Research conducted by Morgan Stanley Wealth Management indicates that Money Monday arrives at a crucial juncture for investors. Findings from a recent study show that the top financial resolution for 2024 is to learn more about investing, while a significant percentage of investors feel they could improve their financial situation. Additionally, many investors cite financial jargon as a barrier to independent investing.

Zaretsky highlighted the unique approach of Money Monday, which focuses on promoting prudent financial planning and investment strategies. As part of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, E*TRADE offers a range of resources, from online tools to guidance from Financial Advisors, catering to clients at various wealth levels and life stages.

To coincide with Money Monday, E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley is offering a special limited-time promotion of up to $1,000 for new account openings. The event also includes collaboration with the SIFMA Foundation to support financial literacy programs like InvestWrite and Invest it Forward.

The campaign was developed in partnership with 72andSunny, with Randy Krallman of SMUGGLER directing the advertisement. For more information about Money Monday and to register for the event

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