Euna Solutions Unveils Industry-First Strategic Budgeting, Bridging Strategic Plans with Full-Cycle Budgeting

Euna Solutions®, a prominent provider of cloud-based solutions tailored for the public sector, has introduced Euna Budget: Strategic Budgeting, a groundbreaking offering designed to facilitate city leaders in aligning their strategic plans with annual budgets. This innovative solution, Euna Budget, offers comprehensive strategic budgeting capabilities, seamlessly connecting strategic objectives with various budget aspects, including operating, personnel, and capital budgets.

“For the first time, strategic budgeting — an essential but missing connection between strategic planning and management in government — is now possible within the nation’s leading budgeting solution, Euna Budget,” stated Tom Amburgey, CEO of Euna Solutions. “We’re excited to bridge the gap between a strategic plan and an annual budget to empower state and local government leaders. With Strategic Budgeting by Euna Budget, public leaders — the stewards of public funds — can more collaboratively, efficiently, and effectively move their communities forward in a strategic way.”

Euna Solutions collaborated closely with renowned industry association Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and other key stakeholders as part of their campaign, “Rethinking Budgeting”. Through various discussions and assessments, it became evident that there was a significant disconnect between strategic plans and the budget process. Euna Budget: Strategic Budgeting was specifically developed to address this gap, particularly for city and financial leaders responsible for budgeting in alignment with their community’s strategic plan.

Governments can leverage Strategic Budgeting by Euna Budget in the following ways:

  1. Strategic Budget Formation, Management, and Approval: Agency leaders can seamlessly align departmental budgets and initiatives with overarching goals, ensuring all internal stakeholders work towards common objectives. By monitoring resources and their impact on overarching goals, governments can make data-driven decisions, thereby enhancing resource allocation effectiveness and outcomes.
  2. Strategic Performance and Accountability: Agencies, departments, and employees gain the ability to easily track budget allocations and expenditures, ensuring alignment with strategic goals. Robust reporting features enable monitoring of spending to achieve desired outcomes, fostering accountability to stakeholders.
  3. Strategic Budgeting and Transparency: Euna Budget: Strategic Budgeting integrates with Euna’s transparency solution to create and publish critical public-facing strategic plans. City leaders can publish their strategic plans using user-friendly templates, promoting transparency and accountability.

“In an era where public finance faces unprecedented challenges, from fiscal sustainability to ensuring transparency and accountability, Euna Solutions is proud to be at the forefront of pioneering strategic budgeting,” commented John Alexander, Chief Product Officer at Euna Solutions. “With more than $370 billion in public funds under our customers’ stewardship, we recognize the urgency of modernizing financial planning to meet these challenges head-on and the opportunity to drive better strategic outcomes for communities.”

Euna Budget stands as the leading budgeting solution tailored for the public sector, serving nearly 1,000 agencies and managing over $370 billion. Its highly configurable systems enable agencies to modernize business processes, make data-driven decisions, and increase community trust. In addition to strategic budgeting, Euna Budget offers management solutions for operating, personnel, and capital budgets. For more information about Euna Budget’s Strategy Module, visit

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