Enhanced Platform Bolsters Wealth Management Services, Driving Expansion of Advisor Network

Platform Advisors Introduces Platform Wealth Advisors, Expanding National Wealth Management Services”

Platform Advisors, the professional services division of Platform Accounting Group, has unveiled Platform Wealth Advisors, a nationwide wealth management advisory.

“With the acquisition of Walpole Financial Advisors, headquartered in Goleta, California, Platform has introduced Platform Wealth Advisors to cater to its existing tax and accounting clients seeking reputable wealth advisory services. Distinguished by its commitment to Evidence-Based Investing™ supported by five decades of financial science, Platform Wealth Advisors adopts a client-centric approach and taps into a comprehensive network of financial experts and specialties. Their services cater to individuals, families, and businesses in growing, managing, and safeguarding their wealth while aligning with their values and financial objectives.

Platform Wealth Advisors not only employs an investment strategy grounded in the latest financial research and science but also benefits from access to an extensive network of top-tier professional service teams. Clients now enjoy the advantages of collaborative efforts among these teams, all united under a shared ethos and dedication to providing personalized care.

“Platform shares our financial philosophy and approach to fostering long-term relationships,” remarked Kirk Stovesand, partner and founder of Walpole Financial Advisors, who will now lead the Platform Wealth Advisors team. “In today’s increasingly intricate landscape of regulation, compliance, and portfolio management, the ability to collaborate with a diverse range of experts and specialties, coupled with access to cutting-edge technology and resources, enables us to better serve our clients and extend our wealth strategy to a broader audience.”

Platform Accounting Group specializes in acquiring and supporting boutique accounting and professional services firms nationwide, comprising 28 locally-branded entities. Platform Advisors offers local clients and the wider Platform network access to specialized expertise and a wide array of professional services, including niche tax services, wealth management, technology consulting, and more.”

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