Enhanced Experian Ascend Technology Platform™ Revolutionizes Credit, Fraud, and Analytics Management Software

Enhanced Experian Ascend Technology Platform™ Revolutionizes Credit, Fraud, and Analytics Management

As companies worldwide navigate an accelerating pace of change and seek to optimize their operations, Experian® is ushering in a new era of simplification, scalability, and automation with enhancements to its cloud-based Experian Ascend Technology Platform™. This award-winning platform now integrates analytics, credit, and fraud management tools into a unified interface, streamlining the use of analytical models and enabling organizations to optimize their practices more frequently, reducing time and costs for greater efficiency.

These improvements were introduced to over 500 executives during Experian’s annual Vision Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, marking a significant advancement in B2B software solutions.

Why This is Necessary:

Leading technology companies have set the standard for seamless user experiences and software components through single sign-on data portability and sophisticated no-code or low-code functionality. Historically, this level of synchronized experience has been out of reach for many organizations, especially in the financial services sector. Typically, organizations purchase software solutions from various vendors, use different tools and applications across multiple cloud environments, and endure rigorous and time-consuming processes to integrate everything. This fragmented approach increases timelines, security concerns, operational challenges, costs, and the likelihood of failures or downtime, as systems only work as well as their weakest link.

“IT services companies are increasingly delivering their software portfolios as pre-installed platforms that enhance scalability, efficiency, and productivity,” said Raymond Pucci, IDC Research Director, Worldwide Lending Digital Strategies. “For lenders, enterprise architectures like Experian’s Ascend Technology Platform can enable faster credit decisions, higher credit quality, and stronger risk management by expanding customer relationships and fostering business growth.”

Experian’s platform updates represent a notable milestone, supported by significant investments in Experian’s innovation capabilities over the past eight years as part of its modern cloud transformation.

“Our mission is to build world-class software and help organizations worldwide on their journey to more sophisticated fraud prevention and marketing and credit strategies,” said Alex Lintner, CEO of Experian Software Solutions. “The evolution of our platform reinforces our commitment to driving innovation and enabling organizations to succeed. Its capabilities are unparalleled and represent a significant advancement in credit technology, democratizing access to data in a compliant manner, and empowering lenders of all sizes to validate their customers’ identities seamlessly and confidently, thereby improving fair access to credit and delivering exceptional user and customer experiences.”

Experian’s Global Scalability

Experian’s platform is now available in regions including North America, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. The enhanced platform serves over 1,500 customers worldwide, processing 14 million credit reports daily and billions of credit and fraud transactions annually. In North America alone, more than 8,000 registered users from 80 customers access over 12 petabytes of data weekly for analytical purposes.

Simplified and Scalable Approach

The enhanced Experian Ascend Technology Platform significantly reduces installation time and provides streamlined access to a range of award-winning Experian integrated solutions and tools through a single sign-on and user-friendly dashboard. Leveraging Generative AI, the platform makes it easy for organizations of varying sizes and experience levels to switch between applications, automate processes, modernize operations, and drive efficiency. Existing customers can now easily add new capabilities to improve business outcomes.

For example, Lendr, a specialized fintech company providing modern financing solutions for small businesses, utilizes the platform to enhance competitiveness and informed decision-making. “Using Experian’s Ascend Technology Platform has significantly increased our agility and competitive advantage by enabling us to make more informed, data-driven lending decisions while significantly reducing time to market,” said Daniel DeMeo, CEO of Lendr. “Experian’s platform helps deliver the scalability we need to be flexible, compete effectively, and minimize losses — ultimately helping us double our business last year.”

Other Key Features and Benefits of the Platform Include:

  • Analytics and Modeling: Clients can easily access and leverage Experian’s proprietary credit and advanced data attributes using powerful analytics tools for insight and explainable modeling.
  • Rapid Model Deployment: Build, test, and deploy models from a single interface in days, not months, to streamline processes and improve customer experiences.
  • Automated Decision Making and Risk Mitigation: Enables secure, automated decisions and risk mitigation across the entire customer lifecycle to ensure efficient operations and improved outcomes.
  • Fraud and Identity Verification: Stops fraudsters faster and optimizes the customer experience using advanced AI analytics and comprehensive data sets across digital identity, device intelligence, behavioral analytics, and credit insights. It delivers unparalleled identity verification and fraud detection to enable organizations to increase revenue through seamless consumer experiences and reduce the risk of fraud losses.
  • Expertise through Managed Services: While the platform provides automation and low-code functionality, Managed Services for Lenders gives clients access to Experian’s expertise and top talent, democratizing advanced analytics techniques.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Feedback: Receive continuous monitoring and feedback to adjust strategies in real-time and stay ahead of evolving challenges.
  • Unprecedented Security: The platform is fortified with encryption, robust access controls, and proactive threat detection — all while maintaining high availability and enterprise-grade performance.

For more information about Experian’s platform, visit Experian Ascend Technology Platform.

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