Cigna Healthcare launches ‘The 5% Pledge’, advocating company leaders to dedicate 5% of working hours to support employee mental health

  • 95% of Gen Z in UAE report stress and 98% feel burnout, as per Cigna Healthcare survey
  • 96% of 18-24-year-olds experiencing burnout globally while 91% are stressed

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Cigna Healthcare MEA – the leading global health services company, today revealed its campaign ‘The 5% Pledge’ – a clarion call for business leaders to dedicate 5% of their working hours to fostering mental health support in the workplace, reinforcing Cigna Healthcare’s commitment to holistic employee well-being.

The campaign was launched at an in-person panel discussion on 25th of May titled ‘Unleash Your Organization’s Potential: The Power of the 5% Mental Health Pledge. The session included key insights from industry experts including Dr Sara Al Dalal, President of Emirates Health Economics Society at Emirates Medical Association UAE, Dr Nahida Nayaz Ahmed, Chair of Behavioral Health Council – Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), Jerome Droesch, CEO – Domestic Health and Health Services, International Health, Cigna Healthcare, James Lafferty, CEO, Fine Hygienic Holding, and moderated by Scott Armstrong, Founder, Mentl.

The 5% Pledge’ is rooted in comprehensive research involving nearly 14,000 employees globally, which revealed 88% are suffering from burnout, particularly young adults, with 18-24-year-olds suffering the most (96% are feeling burnout, and 91% are feeling stressed). As per Cigna Healthcare’s latest 360 well-being survey, 95% of Gen Z in the UAE report incidences of stress and 98% feel burnout symptoms.

Unveiled under the campaign tagline – ‘5% of your time can make 100% of the difference’, ‘The 5% Pledge’ invites CEOs, business leaders and people managers to make a public commitment to set aside 5% of their annual working hours to foster transformation in organizational cultures and proactively address employee well-being.

With Cigna Healthcare providing the necessary tools and support, leaders who pledge this time can implement actionable changes that make a real difference. Cigna Healthcare believes that for a genuine cultural shift to occur, change must be championed from the top. This commitment aims not only to ensure employees feel secure and supported, but also to shift the perceptions and support mechanisms for mental health in the workplace.

Through this transformative campaign, Cigna Healthcare is pioneering a paradigm shift in its relationship with employees, actively shaping the future of mental well-being in the workplace.

Jerome Droesch, CEO – Domestic Health & Health Services, International Health at Cigna Healthcare, said: “Our employees are not just our greatest asset – they are the driving force behind our success. Recognizing the significant impact of the workplace on overall well-being, we’re taking a bold step forward with ‘The 5% Pledge’ to champion mental health at work. We are calling upon business leaders to rise to this challenge, to actively lead this crucial transformation, and cultivate an environment of support. By prioritizing well-being, we enhance performance and retention, fostering a thriving workforce. A commitment of 5% of time from our leaders can spark a complete transformation in employee well-being.

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