Church Pension Group Publishes Report to the 81st General Convention

The Church Pension Group (CPG), a financial services organization serving The Episcopal Church, announced the release of its Report to the 81st General Convention ( The report emphasizes two crucial connections between CPG and the General Convention: the election of trustees to The Church Pension Fund Board and the ongoing collaboration between the General Convention and CPG on benefits parity between clergy and lay employees.

“We are pleased to release our Report to the 81st General Convention, which highlights how the Denominational Health Plan and the Lay Employee Pension System have helped to advance parity between lay employees and clergy of the Church,” said Mary Kate Wold, CEO and President of CPG.

The report is dedicated to the late Very Rev. George Werner, who served as vice president of the House of Deputies (HoD) (1994 to 2000), the 31st president of the HoD (2000 to 2006), a former trustee of The Church Pension Fund (1976 to 1988 and 2006 to 2015), and Dean Emeritus of Trinity Cathedral in Pittsburgh. It features a video of him reflecting on a life of service to the Church, as well as videos highlighting the Denominational Health Plan (DHP) and the Lay Employee Pension System (LPS).

“It’s impossible for CPG to achieve full parity in benefits on its own because many of the gaps in parity are the result of decisions that fall outside of CPG’s purview. Still, CPG is doing what it can to provide access to competitive products and services while also describing what it would take from the Church to achieve full parity in pension benefits,” added Wold.

The Report provides important background information on key connections with the General Convention. The Rev. Clayton Crawley, Chief Church Relations Officer at CPG, said, “We hope those attending General Convention will read our report and know how committed we are to fulfilling our purpose, which is to support the clergy and lay employees of The Episcopal Church in their calling to spread the gospel.”

Additional information is available at CPG’s General Convention resource center,

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