Chesterbrook Community Foundation Receives $25,000 Donation from Cambridge Savings Bank to Support Local Youth Empowerment

Cambridge Savings Bank (CSB), a customer-centric full-service mutual bank boasting nearly $7 billion in assets, has announced a $25,000 donation to the Chesterbrook Community Foundation. The donation aims to support the renovation of the Chesterbrook Community Center, nestled within the 100-unit Chesterbrook Gardens public housing development. This revitalization initiative is expected to benefit approximately 300 families by providing mentoring, academic support, and enrichment through structured after-school and evening programs.

The Chesterbrook Community Center serves as a vibrant hub where children not only receive academic tutoring but also engage in mentoring relationships with college students. This nurturing environment fosters motivation among students, nurturing both their academic and social skills. The donation from CSB will be utilized to renovate the outdoor space of the community center, thereby enhancing programming opportunities. These enhancements are geared towards improving student safety, enhancing program functionality, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Center’s mission.

John Casassa, President of the Board of Directors at the Chesterbrook Community Foundation, expressed gratitude for the partnership with Cambridge Savings Bank in achieving this significant renovation milestone. He emphasized how revitalizing the Chesterbrook Community Center will undoubtedly elevate the program and provide a safer, more conducive space for students.

The community center, staffed by a part-time program director and Bentley University student volunteers, offers a welcoming after-school environment for approximately 40 kindergarteners through eighth graders. Services provided include homework help, academic enrichment, healthy snacks, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor games, computer access, and access to a well-stocked library.

Waltham Mayor Jeannette A. McCarthy commended Cambridge Savings Bank for its generosity and commitment to the Waltham community, acknowledging the positive impact the donation will have on the residents of Chesterbrook Gardens and the dedicated team at the Chesterbrook Community Foundation.

CSB has a longstanding relationship with the Chesterbrook Community Foundation, having matched donations from multiple employees in recent years. Additionally, CSB provided a $5,000 grant in 2022 to fund minor upgrades such as new carpeting and furniture. While the property is managed and maintained by Waltham Housing, the community center has remained unremodeled since its founding in 2008. With a consistent waiting list of students each year, the renovation will provide more space to meet local demand for programming.

Ryan Bailey, President and Chief Executive Officer at Cambridge Savings Bank, reiterated the bank’s commitment to supporting non-profit and neighborhood improvement programs that enrich communities. He emphasized the importance of investing in education for fostering a brighter future and pledged continued support for initiatives empowering young minds.

Through its dedicated community relations efforts, CSB has supported various non-profit and community programs through grants, scholarships, sponsorships, financial education courses, and more. For further information, please visit

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