BHMI Introduces “Configurable Summary”

Feature to Concourse Financial Software Suite, a Top-Tier Back Office Payments Solution

BHMI, a renowned provider of back office payment solutions, has unveiled the robust Configurable Summary feature within its Concourse Financial Software Suite®. This innovative addition empowers companies to tailor custom summaries within Concourse, addressing their unique information and reporting requirements.

The Concourse Financial Software Suite encompasses an integrated suite of modular software products meticulously designed to manage back office processing for various electronic payments, including credit, debit, prepaid, P2P, and real-time payments. Anchored on three core pillars—continuous processing architecture, centralized data repository, and configurable rules engine—Concourse stands out as one of the most formidable solutions in its domain.

With its continuous processing architecture, Concourse seamlessly loads data into the centralized data repository, promptly summarizing all processed data in real-time. This repository houses a wealth of information, including crucial transaction details, settlements, reconciliations, fees, and dispute data.

The newly introduced Configurable Summary feature harnesses Concourse’s real-time summarization capabilities, offering companies unparalleled flexibility in consolidating data from the repository to fulfill specific information retrieval and reporting needs. Companies can define time boundaries such as daily, weekly, or monthly intervals and select any data attributes or fields from the Concourse repository to be included in the summary.

Creating custom summaries is a breeze with Concourse’s configurable rules engine. Business rules dictate the time boundaries and data inclusion criteria for each summary. Once configured, Concourse seamlessly consolidates the data as part of its standard processing, making it readily available for payment processing companies to utilize in decision-making and reporting.

Susie Swenson, Concourse Product Manager, affirmed BHMI’s commitment to offering the most flexible and powerful payments back office solutions available. “BHMI added the Configurable Summary feature to the Concourse Financial Software Suite so companies can leverage the power of the payments data within Concourse,” she stated

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