Award-winning podcast returns to ask: Would you notice the red flags of an abusive relationship? 

Interweaving real-life stories from victim-survivors with the testimony of experts, There’s No Place Like Home is a call to action for listeners: Would you notice the red flags in your, or a loved one’s, relationship?

In the new series, launching today, audiences will meet eight victim-survivors who have generously shared their own experiences. Through the lens of their stories, There’s No Place Like Home explores the most common forms of non-physical abuse, including surveillance, gaslighting, love-bombing and financial abuse.

“In this season of There’s No Place Like Home victim-survivors and their loved ones share harrowing stories of a kind of abuse that is too often dismissed or disbelieved,” says Future Women founder and managing director Helen McCabe.

“Abuse doesn’t always look like cuts or bruises. In fact we know from evidence that when a woman is murdered by her intimate partner, it is often the first time that person has behaved violently towards her”.

There’s No Place Like Home is hosted by Tarang Chawla, whose own sister Nikita was murdered by her husband in 2015. Episodes explore what non-physical abuse looks like, what it feels like, and — most importantly — what to do if you suspect it’s happening to you or someone you care about.

Statistically, an estimated 8 million Australians will have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from the age of 15.  One in every four women, and one in 13 men, have experienced partner violence. And based on analysis in 2015, violence against women in Australia costs our country more than $22 billion every year.

“Right now there are countless Australians out there who are worried something isn’t right in their relationship or the relationship of someone they love,” says Future Women’s deputy managing director and podcast’s series producer, Jamila Rizvi.  

There’s No Place Like Home is a resource — backed by the advice of experts — that will mean more of us are able to recognise the patterns of power and control that underpin abusive behaviour.”

There’s No Place Like Home is developed in collaboration with Commonwealth Bank, which is supporting long-term financial independence for victim-survivors of financial abuse through CommBank Next Chapter.

“We are pleased to be supporting a second season of There’s No Place Like Home to help more Australians understand and acknowledge the many forms that domestic and family violence can take,” says CommBank Group Executive Human Resources Sian Lewis.

“Financial abuse is one of the most common forms of domestic violence and coercive control in Australia. CommBank Next Chapter is here to help end this abuse and support people on their road to long-term financial independence.”

There’s No Place Like Home articulates Future Women and CommBank’s vision for an Australian future in which domestic and family violence has been eradicated.

There’s No Place Like Home episodes will be released weekly from Tuesday 11 July 2023. Listen via the There’s No Place Like Home site.

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