Americans Cut Back on Retirement Savings and Accumulate Debt in Response to Inflation

Allianz Life Study Reveals Inflation Challenges for Americans’ Financial Futures, Despite Optimism for Subsiding Rates

Key Insights:

  • 69% report reduced savings contributions due to ongoing inflation.
  • 51% have accumulated additional debt as a result of inflationary pressures.
  • 67% prioritize immediate bill payments over long-term financial planning.
  • 42% have dipped into retirement savings due to inflationary effects.

Allianz Life’s Study Highlights Americans’ Financial Struggles Amid Ongoing Inflation

According to the 2024 Q1 Quarterly Market Perceptions Study from Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, ongoing inflation is posing significant challenges to Americans’ financial preparedness for the future. The study reveals that inflation has led many Americans to cut back on savings, accumulate debt, and even withdraw from retirement accounts.

A short-term financial focus prevails among Americans, with 67% expressing greater concern about meeting immediate expenses than planning for their financial future. Millennials are particularly impacted, with 76% prioritizing bill payments over long-term financial goals. Moreover, different racial and ethnic groups show varying levels of concern, with Hispanic respondents (79%) expressing the highest degree of worry about paying bills currently.

Rising living costs exacerbate this financial strain, prompting 69% of Americans to reduce their savings contributions due to inflation. Millennials are most affected by this trend, with 74% reporting decreased savings due to inflation. Additionally, over half of Americans (51%) have taken on more debt to cope with inflation, with millennials and certain minority groups experiencing a disproportionate impact.

Kelly LaVigne, VP of Consumer Insights at Allianz Life, notes that while inflationary pressures may have eased slightly, prices have not necessarily decreased. He advises caution regarding major purchases in the short term to preserve savings and avoid additional debt.

Perhaps most concerning is the revelation that 42% of Americans have tapped into their retirement savings due to inflation. Hispanic respondents lead in this regard, with 59% having withdrawn from retirement accounts because of inflation.

Despite these challenges, there is a glimmer of optimism regarding inflation. The study indicates that 37% of Americans feel positive about the direction of inflation, up from 31% in the previous quarter. Moreover, fewer Americans anticipate inflation worsening in the next 12 months, marking the lowest percentage since 2021.

LaVigne emphasizes the importance of long-term planning to address inflationary pressures and make sound financial decisions. He recommends seeking guidance from financial professionals to develop strategies for managing inflation and securing a strong financial future.

The study surveyed 1,005 respondents aged 18 and above in February 2024, with an oversample of Black/African American, Hispanic, and Asian/Asian American respondents.

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