Allianz Company Statement

Our name is the word for “alliance.” This means we stand steadfastly beside our customers, our people, and those who share our values in shaping a better world and a more secure future. We are present when circumstances are comfortable, but we swing into action when circumstances are hard.  

Allianz exists to protect what matters most to people. As a German-headquartered international company founded 134 years ago, we have the historical perspective to know that freedom and democracy are hard-earned, and that they are deeply cherished by the citizens who value them.  

We also know that the extremism currently threatening these values is stoked by fear. This includes existential concerns such as war, natural catastrophes, climate change, demographic shifts, the increasing cost of living, and the unknown implications of technological advancements. 

When it comes to protecting freedom and democracy, we do not believe that statements on social media alone will suffice. That is why we will combine forces with willing partners for action, and will work to listen, understand, and address the fears and disappointments at the root cause of extremism. 

Our compass as a company is trust and our core principle is inclusion, and we are optimistic that together with all partners we can succeed in restoring confidence in our institutions and overcoming the fears standing in the way of progress for free and open societies. 

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